Terms & Conditions

  • Once the initial booking is made it is deemed final and we regretfully cannot give refunds.
  • On-going bookings are deemed final once the specified cancellation date for opting out of the programme has passed.  If no email/written confirmation has been received by SwimSprouts from the parent/guardian of a request to opt-out of the programme, the child’s space in the programme will be deemed to have been confirmed and refunds will not be given. Please note, while we shall endeavour to send email reminders regarding opt-out dates ultimately it is your responsibility to let us know before the specified opt out date of any intention to cancel, regardless of whether you receive our reminder email or not.  All our opt-out dates can therefore be viewed at all times on our website for you to check.
  • Any request to cancel before the opt-out date will be acknowledged by SwimSprouts to the parent/guardian within 2 working days otherwise we ask you contact us again to ensure we have received it.
  • Cancellation of New Customers Bookings: If a child has not started their lessons, and a minimum of 3 weeks’ advance notice is given, a refund will be given, subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00, per booking.
  • Cancellation of Existing Customers Bookings:
    Withdrawal of your child from any future lessons is expected to be a planned process and requires 4 weeks’ notice, in advance of the next payment date. Cancellations received after the 4-week deadline and before the payment date are subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00 per booking.
  • Cancellations received after the payment date, but prior to the start of the lesson block will be refunded, subject to an Administration Fee of £25.00, per booking.
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations received after the block of lessons has commenced.
  • To avoid dispute please note that we can only accept any request to opt out in writing.
  • Future payments will be requested on the card details given at the time of the initial booking.  If you would like to change card details for future payments, please give us a call.
  • In the unlikely event that lessons cannot be delivered by SwimSprouts on the scheduled date(s), due to a pool closure or other unforeseen circumstances, lessons shall be rescheduled for another date(s) or offered at another venue where possible on the scheduled date(s). Refunds shall not be given.
  • Parents/guardians should be ready on poolside not more than 5mins before the lesson is due to start
  • Children and babies will always be accompanied by an adult. The adult will be responsible for the child in both the pool and the changing areas and must comply with the safety and health regulations laid down by the teacher / leader. Siblings attending lessons, but not participating, must be accompanied by an adult. Both parents / guardians can attend the classes by prior arrangement, but this cannot be guaranteed each week because of class sizes.
  • Unfortunately, teachers get ill like everyone else and therefore SwimSprouts reserves the right to use alternative teachers qualified to an appropriate level should your regular teacher be unavailable.
  • Teachers: Teachers will be Enhanced Disclosure Scotland checked and will wear appropriate SwimSprouts uniform to perform their job of working in and out of the water. All teachers will take part in regular teacher training on various aspects of learn to swim skills, along with CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses to ensure that they are up to date with modern methods.
  • Parental Responsibilities: Parents must ensure that they inform SwimSprouts of any medical or learning needs which their child has, to allow us to provide the best service and best support. It is imperative that we have a full understanding of your child’s needs in order that we can deliver the best service. Failure to disclose this information may result in your child’s place being retracted as we are unable to meet their needs. Parents must inform us on any changes in their child’s medical history whilst they swim with us.
Cancellation DatePayment Date
3 February17 February
6 April 20 April
1 June 15 June
  • Photography and Filming: You will see at our lessons that our Quality Control team make use of iPads on poolside. We use our iPads during the lessons for Teacher quality monitoring, taking swimming teaching to the next level by providing a modern teaching service no other swim school provides and capturing special achievements
  • SwimSprouts treat any footage and images with the greatest of care. It is used for a variety of purposes on several platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newspaper Articles etc.) including but not limited to; marketing, teacher training and pupil progression.
  • Of course, if you have any misgivings about your child being filmed then we will respect your wishes. Please inform the Teacher on poolside if you have any concerns.
  • Should you wish to opt out of our Photography policy you must email us at info@swimsprouts.com

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